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Official transfer of the "Nieuw Amsterdam"

Week number 38-17

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The official transfer of the passenger ship, the ss ""Nieuw Amsterdam" (New Amsterdam) to the Holland America Line on the North Sea. SHOTS: - ext. and int. of the ship (a.o. an empty swimming pool, a cinema, a dinner hall and a lounge); - the official guests, amongst them the Minister of Economic Affairs M.P.L. Steenberghe and Prime Minister H. Colijn, leave the departure hall in Rotterdam and enter the footbridge of the ship; - the hawsers are untied and the footbridge is taken ashore, after which the ship is leaving the harbour with the help of tug boats and eventuallt passes Hoek van Holland; - several items aboard the ship, like a lifebuoy (with the text: "Amsterdam-Rotterdam"), the ship's clock and the captain; - the official transfer of the ship, in which the company flag of the Holland America Line ("NASM") is hoisted to the mast-head by Colijn.

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
23 April 1938


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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision