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Opening of the Feyenoord stadium

Week number 37-13

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Opening of the Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam. The stadium has room for 65.000 spectators and is designed by the Rotterdam architectural firm Brinkman en Van der Vlugt. The opening took place with a demonstration of all teams and a match against Beerschot FC (Belgium). SHOTS: - lowering the flag at the old field of Feyenoord (along the Kromme Zandweg) by some men; - runners (a.o. mr. Ascherman) bring the small Feyenoord flag in a relay from the old to the new stadium and the arrival in the new Feyenoord Stadium where a relay runner (Huybers) runs a round along the human chain of Feyenoord players; - speech by the mayor of Rotterdam, P. Droogleever Fortuyn (a.o. behind the AVRO microphone); - the Royal Commissioner Beaufort officially opens the stadium by cutting a ribbon and saying some words; - choir on the field, singing the "Wilhelmus", alternated with shots of a.o. the spectators; - performing band and demonstration of players with flag; - opening ceremonies by members of Feyenoord (forming a.o. the word "welkom" (welcome)), alternated with shot of the seats of honour; - the kick-off by Droogleever Fortuyn, which marks the beginning of the first football match in the new stadium, followed by several shots of the match Feyenoord - Beerschot FC, alternated with shots of the spectators and the seats of honour.

Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)
Publication date:
27 March 1937


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